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ON House Art is more than an art gallery.
Housed inside ON House Milano, it is an experiential place that, thanks to the inbuilt existing technology, leads the visitor to an “augmented reality” sensation that involves all the senses.
Luca Temolo Dall'Igna and Fabio Tacchinardi, mixing art and technology, brought to life a big innovation when they decided to introduce inside a unique, refined and sophisticated home, some attributes that until then were exclusively contained in museums and show rooms. In this place, in fact, art, design and technology perfectly mingle together, enhancing their respective potential and characteristic features.
ON House Art focuses mainly to the “primary” market. It has a direct link with the artists, involved “in person” along the many different projects, always available to dialogue with collectors and visitors so as to transmit them at best the philosophy hidden behind their creations. The selection of the artworks exclusively depends on the quality of the hosted artists without being tied to mere commercial interests. There’s anyway attention to the worldwide market with the aim to better satisfy the requests of our more and more demanding international collecting customers. ON House Art is located in the core of Milan, a city undergoing a radical and continuous evolution and growth in worldwide ranking of the artistic production, fashion and design.
Looking at this scenario, ON House Art focuses on bringing out its own presence on the market, preparing and organizing with refinement and accuracy high level events and exhibitions.
The gallery is placed inside ON House Milano. This location allows the visitor to follow a path that involves all the senses and is the ideal stage to fully appreciate the artist’s work. Audio and video sources, lighting systems and fragrance diffusers let the visitor live a unique experience, anticipating the house-museum of the future
Through the rooms of ON House Milano, location equipped with the best in class technology, discreet and never overwhelming the tale develops helping visitors to achieve an emotional crescendo; this path allow them to generate a “sixth sense” inside their conscience, essential to the interpretation of the real message of the artist and to experience deeply the sensations and feelings transmitted by the artworks.