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Born in Milan in 1961, Alfredo Rapetti Mogol’s artistic education was obviously influenced by the existing family atmosphere, where music, literature, poetry have been breathing for generations.

Rapetti was very young when he was introduced by Alfredo De Pedrini, his maternal grandfather and President of Graphic Arts Association, in Milan’s artistic environment where he developed his passion for painting in parallel with his training period at the “Scuola del Fumetto” in Milan and his works in the publishing field. He explores his pictorial exercise in various directions that will feed, in 1996, into Alessandro Algardi and Mario Arlati art studios who invite Rapetti to share their pictorial research. Rapetti, then, worked intensively for four years in their studio located in Via Nota, where he developed his pictorial style blending his greatest passions: writing and painting, though intended as visualization of the psychological and mental process.

Due to a particular “stitching” technique, the act of painting blends with the writing act and words become signs not only on paper but also on canvas.

Signs, traces, graffiti of a creative and conscious mankind, Rapetti’s artwork follow the ideal path of a pictorial writing reaching its utmost universality, when it is capable to fragment and compare itself against the history of arts over the centuries, from the historic avant-guards to the conceptual approach, passing through Lucio Fontana’s spatialist poetics and abstract scripts of the 50’s.

Once he found the most suitable expressive form for his artworks, Rapetti’s exhibitive history between the end of nineties and today, either personal or collective, has been really remarkable. Tireless as his activity, always travelling between Italy and the rest of the world: universal, indeed.

Professor at the Centro Europeo of Toscolano and University of image of Milan and New York, he has become part since 2004 of the International group “Signes et Traces”, founded by Riccardo Licata. Through the series of awards, we may remind the “Etoile per la pittura della Provincia di Roma”.

Rapetti’s work creates more and more interest and debates, from Duccio Trombadori to Gianluca Ranzi and from Luciano Caprile to Maurizio Vanni, the most attentive critics have been able to detect Alfredo Rapetti’s permanent tension to his research between Orient and Occident, prayer and mantra, poetry and prose. For these reasons it was a “natural” arrival point, or better a new restart, the invitation in 2007 to present at the 52° Biennale di Venezia, in the Syrian Arab Republic pavillion, on occasion of the “Sulle vie di Damasco” exhibition, managed by Duccio Trombadori and in 2011 at 54° Biennale di Venezia, “ Padiglione Italia” managed by Vittorio Sgarbi. Still in 2011 was invited to showcase at the 1° Edition of the Biennale di Brescia managed by Silvia Landi in the spaces of the Piccolo Miglio Museum.