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Sheila De Paoli was born in Milan in 1970. Since she was a child she was passionate of oriental topics in all its aspects. Her artworks span from paintings, sculptures, installations to video-installations with the aim to lead the observers to look within themselves... to reflect upon their own life, searching for happiness.

The inner balance, adaptability, dynamism, spirituality, silence, space, breath ... physicality, hugs, nature, the way we are and how we appear … soul’s reflections.

She started with paintings, then steel sheet and metals and finally in recent years mainly with aluminum sheets that can be molded to create stories to tell...

A love at first glance, aluminum is able to catch the energy of the Universe and with its reflections can interact with the environment to generate the strongest emotions. Starting from a perfect surface like when we were born and molding it as life molds us, simply shaping the material or using organic acids generating unique and extraordinary effects, as the mistery of life...

The result of this concept is a video installation that was created over 3 years of work, combining more than 7500 shots taken all over the world, where aluminum sculptures are the only protagonists.

A glimpse of the observer reflected on a painting or sculpture that show a different picture from the mirror that describes only the external appearance...

A mirror image filtered through the lens of soul, screening our life experience. The relevance of hugging or being hugged... our childhood, people we met taught us or gave us a lackness, a non-habit to live such a profound moment.

The hug’s enveloping feeling that makes you feel protected, safe, that express friendship, sharing, love... Hugs favour the Oxytocin level production, happiness hormone. The need is to “bring” a hug to the whole world... even to those who don’t ask for it but they certain need it... this is the reason why the sculpture lay on a base with wheels and a black silk leash that make the displacement more dynamic.

A light turns on the soul inside.

Sculpture made with aluminum with soft and luminous shapes... Spots of light that with their energy catch the attention of anyone passing by. The discover, in the end, of a fragrance that goes straight to the observer’s mind even faster than the image creating a unique and unforgettable combination.

Hugs, perfumed and shiny sculptures that warm the observer’s heart with the aim to provide happiness, peace, balance, serenity ...