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Francesco Virgata was born in Militello Val di Catania on January 13, 1958. He lives and works in Milan.

As a sculptor he exhibited for the first time in 1978. From '76 to '93 he crosses various artistic experiences and he analyzes all kinds of materials and working methods: wood, paper, plastic, polyester, fiberglass and various metal supports.

Francesco Virgata rises, like the Phoenix from her ashes, burning and reducing all his achievements to produce his new artworks full of true "knowledge" that will flow generously to the most attentive spectators. The artist's studio looks like the cave of an alchemist who secretly uses his formulas to get whatever he wants from the metal. And in the same way that the alchemist transforms lead, Francesco Virgata transforms the less noble materials into gold, a spiritual gold that enriches the spectator.

Since 1984 he preferred to use in his works bent and welded iron slabs and bars which, thanks to his extraordinary technique that allows him to use iron as if it were a soft material, give rise to impressive forms that seems impossible.

He held important exhibitions in Milan, Palau, Carpenedolo (Brescia), Bernareggio (Milan), and many of his works are exhibited as commemorative monuments (Palau, Bernareggio) and in public squares (Carpenedolo, Padua).