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Colour is an integral part of my daily life as there is no progress in my art that is not enriched by colour. Colour communicates my feelings as an integral part of my life”.

(Bruno Fael)

Bruno Fael born in Friuli in 1935 and now lives in Milan (Italy). He begins as a figurative painter and is recognized to-day as the key figure of a renewed Abstract Expressionism based on color and as one of the most gifted and effective contemporary artists in communicating with immediacy emotions, color and beauty.

The body of his more than 8.500 works presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad has brought Fael to the forefront in major private collections and appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

His numerous official awards include: Painter of the year 2005, Lifetime Achievement Award for Culture at the Milan Press Club in 2010, the British Prize in 2011 and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Duchy of Cornwall for his contribution to the World of Contemporary Art in 2014.

A special significance in his multi-faceted and intense Art are his sculptures in Africa: hand-painted concrete monuments measuring over ten meters high , among which are “The Guardian of the Stars” (Ain Sokhna/Egypt – Stella di Mare Resort), in Kenya: “African Dream”, a symbol of African People, the ten majestic polychrome “sacred rocks” and “Harmony”, symbol of the Siren of the Sea.

As music lover and composer of merit, in 2012 Fael realizes the project “Music takes shape”, inspired by his aleatory music. The performance is presented in Milan in the Halls of the King at the Seven Stars Galleria. In 2013 he creates a vast cycle of 80 inspired by the myths of Jazz and Blues. In 2014, he studies the history of Argentine Tango and at the same time, for Expo 2015, he responds to the formidable task proposed by the Presidency of the World Expo Commissioners’ Club with a prolific cycle of 147 paintings whose key theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” – the core of Expo itself – whose focus and image of choice are the flags and lands that stand as a symbol of each nation taking part in Expo Milan 2015.